Tech Tips

Water and Automatic Transmissions: A Rebuild In The Making
May 09, 2016

It doesn't take much of the wet stuff to create enough damage that the best solution is a rebuild.

GM 6L80/90: Cracked or Split Sump Filter
March 30, 2016

That cracked or split sump filter may only be a symptom...

Mean Effective Radius
February 05, 2015

If you have two friction plates that are identical, except for the inside diameter of the friction material, then you need to identify the mean effective radius of each plate.

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Plates of Different Thickness in the Clutch Drum
February 05, 2015

When installing steel plates of different thickness in a clutch drum, the placement of the thinner plates can be important. And, the ideal placement of those plates depends on which clutch drum you’re using.

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