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March 19, 2019

Problem: While working on a 722.9 Mercedes transmission, you will find a snap ring in the K3 Drum, which appears to be stubborn to remove. Below is a picture of the drum and diaphragm spring.

Notice how the snap ring sits in the drum and on the spring.

This snap ring is difficult to remove because:
1. With the snap ring installed, the lip is virtually invisible.
2. Due to the lugs on the piston, inserting the drum on a foot press to compress the diaphragm spring is not an option.
3. Using a screwdriver, pick and other various tools doesn’t work.

So how do you get what looks like an ordinary snap ring out of the drum?

Solution: The spring has to be compressed, but the foot press needs an adapter of some kind, and it more than likely is in your shop.

Yes, it is a 4L60E input sprag outer race. By placing the race, lip side down, it fit right over the lugs on the piston and made contact with the diaphragm spring, allowing the use of the foot press. Once the diaphragm spring is compressed, the snap ring can be removed with an ordinary small bladed screw driver.

This is just another example of how Raybestos Powertrain is providing innovative solutions to the aftermarket.

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