Raybestos Powertrain

Raybestos Powertrain is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of transmission-related products. Since 1902, Raybestos Powertrain has manufactured and supplied quality automatic transmission parts. Our American-made premium parts can be found across the country and around the globe. We offer Automotive and Heavy Duty OEM parts as well as Automotive Aftermarket parts plus OE Torque Converter Components and Bonding Chemicals.

For Automotive and Heavy Duty OEM supply, Raybestos Powertrain works closely with OEMs and tier 1 powertrain suppliers to design and develop highly engineered wet friction and energy absorption products. We are a leader in product innovation, manufacturing, and distribution of Automotive Aftermarket parts while meeting the demand for new applications.

Raybestos Powertrain is also an OE supplier of Torque Converter Wafers. Premium OE materials are used in all their Torque Converter Components. Additionally, Raybestos Powertrain offers the leading brand of industrial friction bonding adhesives, Ray-bond. We serve a wide range of industries utilizing R&D operations as well as our Technical Center with the development and testing of new materials.

Raybestos Powertrain believes that our customers deserve original thinking. We pay attention to details from concept development to the selection of raw materials to final assembly. This focus on excellence is what makes Raybestos Powertrain a leader in their industry.