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February 12, 2019

Question: What makes the Raybestos sensors and solenoids better than OE and other aftermarket sensors and solenoids?

Answer: The engineers at Raybestos evaluate common and potential failure points of both OE and aftermarket components, and find solutions to those failures which are incorporated into the sensor or solenoid during the design phase.

For example, 3 common failure points were identified in the OE and aftermarket Chrysler input and output speed sensors:

• The susceptibility to contamination in the terminal connections and coil windings which cause internal corrosion leading to a weakened signal.
• The lead wire which connects the terminals to the coil is unsupported. This allows the wire to become weakened by vibrations and eventually breaks causing signal loss.
• The coil windings are unsupported which leads to movement of the individual wires causing coil failure.

The cure; fully support internal components from vibration and protect the coil and lead wire from outside contaminants by fully encapsulating them in a patent pending housing. Final assemblies have been subjected to thousands of shock and vibration load cycles without breakage in the wire or housing

The sensors also benefit from a longer Sure-Signal™ magnetic pickup, providing optimum performance. The combination of an improved housing and premium internal components increases reliability, longevity, performance, and protection from limp-mode. In addition, Raybestos sensors and solenoids are designed to be direct OE replacements. This means no need cut wires to install.

That’s not all! Raybestos solenoid brackets are nickel-plated, which resist corrosion, and a high-temperature “magnet” wire is incorporated for increased reliability, providing consistent performance in a broad range of oil temperatures. Raybestos solenoids are hot oil tested up to one million cycles for proven reliability. Furthermore, the valve assemblies are constructed with the same durable OE plastic material that allows for higher heat resistance, less wear and longer life.

Raybestos solenoids and sensors are made in the USA, and because Raybestos Powertrain has a such a high level of confidence in each and every solenoid and sensor we make, we will back them up with an unprecedented five (5) year/ 50,000 mile warranty for from the date of sale. For further details on our warranty go to


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