Check Separator Plate Gaskets

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March 21, 2019


In some cases, there are 2 choices of gaskets that cover different automatic transmission year ranges for separator plates that go up against the valve body. Instructions do come with many overhaul kits and explain the differences, but not always. Often times, gaskets have a white or light blue stripe on them to indicate the year coverage. For example, a Ford 4R70W overhaul kit comes with a white-striped gasket that is specifically designed for the 1996-2000 year range, and a light blue-striped gasket covers 2001 and on.

How can you tell which gasket is for which year range if the colored stripes on the gaskets are not clearly visible?

This can be done by lining up the gasket on the separator plate making sure all the holes line up evenly before installing to prevent potential damage to the valve body.

Note: If you notice that the holes do not line up, then it is not the correct gasket for the year range of that particular separator plate.




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