Different GPZ Material Colors/TorqKit vs. ZPak®

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March 26, 2019

Why GPZ Material Comes in Different Colors

The GPZ product line was originally the material that we used in our ZPaks, and as we got involved in making GPZ double-sided frictions, we realized that not every clutch pack needs to have the same material. The GPZ line of material has evolved to more than just one material; It is a material line that matches the needs of the application to the best suited material. For example, the forward clutch typically found in earlier transmissions such as 3 and 4 speeds is a statically applied clutch, so when the need to have a higher static friction material presents itself, we choose the best static material as opposed to a dynamic material. Having different GPZ material colors ultimately comes from the fact that GPZ materials designed for specific TorqKit applications are going to have different colors because the materials are not all the same. Keep in mind that the design of the material itself is what creates performance, rather than color of the friction material.

Difference between the Raybestos Powertrain TorqKit and ZPak

A TorqKit is designed to increase the capacity of the clutch pack, usually involving adding friction plates and other components as well. Engineered to withstand high-stress diesel or towing with increased horsepower and torque beyond OE specification, the TorqKit increases durability, and improves clutch life.
The Raybestos Powertrain ZPak is a single-sided clutch system developed to overcome design flaws to deliver increased torque capacity, reduce stress and core temperatures, and eliminate high-stress coning. While both innovative products are designed to increase torque capacity, the difference is that the ZPak allows for a cooler temperature during clutch apply to help reduce the propensity for hot spotting on steel plates.



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