Hyundai A8TR1 Automatic Transmission Center Support Removal

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March 27, 2019

Tech Tip: How to remove the center support of a Hyundai A8TR1 8-Speed Automatic Transmission in just a few simple steps.

The key to a quick center support removal is to be sure that all of the unassuming bolts and seals that help hold the center support in the case are removed before removing the snap ring. This guide walks through the steps and points out exactly where each of the bolt and seals are located on the outside of the case.

Step 1: Remove the valve body

Step 2: Remove the six seals from the center of the case that help hold the center support in place

Note: Keep in mind that the two center plugs are shorter than the two outside plugs when putting the center support back together (shown below)

Step 3: Remove the three 14mm bolts (Three bolts on left side of case and one bolt on right side of case) using a socket placed directly into the side of the case where the center support is located

Step 4: Use needle nose pliers to remove the rubber seals inside of the bolt holes which also help to hold center support in place

Note: We highly recommend that you remove the three bolts and three rubbers seals before removing the snap ring that holds the center support in place to save time. If you have already removed the snap ring we recommend that you put it back in place to hold the center support down, which will make it easier to remove the rubber seals.

Step 5: Remove snap ring that holds center support in the case

Step 6: Remove the center support


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