Installation Instructions for 5R110W Coast Clutch 2003-2008 RMAX-06 MaxPak

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June 24, 2019

5R110W 03-08 Low Reverse Clutch MaxPak


7 pcs Stage1™ Frictions

7 pcs Steel Reaction Plates.067"

Installation Instructions

With piston assembled in drum and the forward clutch hub and thrust washers in place, begin installation.

Step 1. Install 1 thin steel forward/direct reaction plate (.060).

Step 2. Install 1 Stage1™ forward/direct friction plate.

Step 3 Continue alternating thin steel forward/direct reaction plates and Stage1™ forward/direct friction plates until all 7 thin steel forward/direct reaction plates and all 7 Stage1™ forward/direct frictions are installed.

Step 4. Install the OE backing plate and snap ring (not included).

Clearance should be .030” - .050”

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