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Carbon Clutch Torque Converter Material: TechniTorq C9

Carbon Clutch Torque Converter Material: TechniTorq C9

Raybestos Powertrain has combined the superior fluid flow dynamics of our unique HT groove pattern design with a proprietary, high-energy friction material. See how the use of fluid flow dynamics and SAE testing allow us to develop the perfect friction clutch plate OE replacement for passenger vehicles.By using premium friction technology such as fluid flow dynamics and SAE testing, the result is the HT friction clutch plate that provides smoother shifts, increased torque capacity, reduced drag torque, and increased durability. Groove pattern or design will dictate the fluid flow dynamics at the clutch surface, both when the clutch is applied as well as when it is released. This means that fluid flow dynamics are essential when designing a friction plate to maximize performance and durability, and to help improve fuel economy. The design of a friction plate groove pattern must address three needs:1. Adequate lubrication (See Chart)2. Reduced temperatures (See Chart)3. Reduced drag torque (See Chart)Optimum groove design results in the ideal balance of adequate lubrication, reduced temperature and reduced drag torque.Adequate LubricationFluid must move properly along the clutch surface in order to lubricate the steel reaction plates. When fluid flows quickly through the groove, it provides less cooling, but better lubrication. These plates usually have a radial, waffle or other type of straight-line friction groove pattern.Reduced TemperaturesRaybestos Powertrain is a leading aftermarket and OE supplier of quality torque converter wafers. The TechniTorq C9 is the top carbon solution available for torque converter rebuilders today. Our experts designed a resin-saturated carbon material that provides impressive, long-lasting results. With 4x more durability and 20% higher coefficients of friction, the TechniTorq C9 has shown no disappointing drop-off in performance. Other benefits include Ideal E/M ratio for smooth shifts along with other features that extend the life of your torque converter.We recommend the TechniTorq C9 torque converter friction material for GM EC3 and other continuous slip applications. Raybestos Powertrain subjects each of our proprietary torque converter friction materials to extensive lab testing and real-world, in-vehicle evaluations at our Crawfordsville, Indiana Technical Center. As a result, we know that our TechniTorq C9 material delivers performance that no other carbon solution on the market can match. The charts displayed below confirm its reliable performance, durability, coefficients of friction, and E/M ratio.To find available applications, visit http://www.raybestospowertrain.com/catalogsTo find a distributor of torque converter components near you, visit http://www.raybestospowertrain.com/where-to-buyReliable PerformanceTechniTorq C9 delivers top performance that lasts longer, without the disappointing performance found in other aftermarket materials.Coefficients of FrictionTechniTorq C9 delivers 20% higher coefficients of friction when compared to other aftermarket materialsE/M RatioTorque trace testing shows an Endpoint/Midpoint ratio of approximately 1:1 for TechniTorq C9, which indicates fast, smooth engagements.DurabilityTechniTorq C9’s unique carbon material lasts longer, with significantly less lining wear than other carbon friction materials on the market.

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