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Hybrid Technology Friction Clutch Plates

Hybrid Technology Friction Clutch Plates

Raybestos Powertrain’s innovative Hybrid Technology (HT) friction clutch plates deliver smoother shifts and more durability for every automatic transmission rebuild. The friction material that is used on our HT clutch plates was originally developed for an OE manufacturer. Our HT friction clutch plates seamlessly combine the superior fluid flow dynamics of a segmented friction lining with the strength and durability of a full friction ring. Our patented groove pattern and proprietary, high-energy OE friction materials reduce stress during shifts to keep the components cooler, improve performance, and extend the life of every rebuild. For any friction clutch plate, the groove pattern on the friction material will dictate fluid flow dynamics at the clutch surface when the clutch is applied and when it is released. Using precise SAE dynamometer tests, we evaluate clutch performance with step-power tests that stress the clutch to its breaking point while measuring the E/M (Endpoint/Midpoint) ratio and coefficients of friction. At the time of the product’s development, we had so much confidence instilled in the performance and durability of our HT friction clutch plates that we installed prototypes into our very own vehicles.Raybestos Powertrain Product Research and Development Support Engineer, Dan Truncone, who has been employed for 33 years, installed the first HT friction clutch plates in his own vehicle in 2014. The HT friction plates were first used in a 2009 Toyota Tacoma with an A750 automatic transmission. During the rebuild, the friction clutch plates were used as a direct replacement with no changes needed to the clutch pack clearances. Truncone test drove the vehicle for several weeks after the installation paying close attention to the vehicle’s feel between shifts. “Right away, I noticed a smooth shift in all gears, even smoother than the OE friction clutch plates,” said Truncone. Four years later, he felt confident enough in the product’s performance and durability to pass the vehicle down to his son to use going to and from college. When the HT friction clutch plates were installed, the 2009 Toyota Tacoma had 68,275 miles on it. The vehicle now sits at 109,600 miles, while maintaining a strong performance and smooth shifting abilities of the A750 automatic transmission.In total, the Raybestos Powertrain HT friction clutch plates were installed in two Toyota A750 automatic transmissions, one Ford 4R70W, and one Ford 5R55. “In all the vehicles that we installed the HT friction clutch plates, the shifts were very smooth in all gears, and to my knowledge are still running fine,” said Truncone. Today, HT friction clutch plates are available for nearly 100 different transmission applications, and they are recommended as an OE replacement for all passenger vehicles. To learn more about our HT (Hybrid Technology) friction clutch plates, visit aftermarket.raybestospowertrain.com/ht-friction-clutch-plates. To find a distributor near you, visit raybestospowertrain.com/where-to-buy.

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