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Pro-Series Automatic Transmission Bands Enhance Performance

Pro-Series Automatic Transmission Bands Enhance Performance

Today's engines and transmissions are smaller and more powerful than ever before. They require high drum speeds, more horsepower, increased loading, and higher energy absorption. That high energy equates to extreme heat, which can degrade and destroy transmissions. Raybestos Powertrain Pro-Series™ High Energy Bands are an affordable solution that address the problem of these high stresses in small packages. Pro-Series Bands increase durability, resist heat up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, and have a higher holding capacity. The recommended use is for Heavy duty, towing, and high performance rebuilds that need enhanced performance. The charts below display data that was gathered from tests performed on OE bands using OE approved procedures for product qualification testing.500 cycle test with Friction Coefficient recorded at the begining and the end of the test, represented by the Blue and Red traces. Data is combined average of 3 tests with Raybestos OE Band Material.The Curve shows a positive increase in coefficient as a function of stop time which is a desirable function that enables a 'Slip and Grab' action for a holding clutch (band), and indicates that the Raybestos OE Band material is an excellent choice for bands.10,000 + cycles to evaluate the durability of the bandCoefficient data is recorded at each 2,000 cycle intervalThe trace shows excellent fade resistance with the overall coefficient fade over the life of the test (10,000 cycles) is less than 8%Average Wear (3 tests) of only 0.138 mm over 10,000 cyclesThe Raybestos OE Band material attains a high energy level in the stepped power test. The friction coefficient and E/M ratio (End-point Coefficient to Mid-point Coefficient) are maintained very well through each level completed.The e/M Ratio is constant above 1.0 which represents a high pre-lockup (engagement) coefficient, enabling the 'Slip and Grab' action required for optimal band performanceTo view available applications for Pro-Series Bands, click here. To find a distriibutor of Pro-Series Bands near you, visit http://www.raybestospowertrain.com/where-to-buy

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