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What's so special about friction plate grooves?

What's so special about friction plate grooves?

From GPX to the new HT, Raybestos Powertrain’s friction clutch plates come with unique, patented groove patterns built into the friction material:GPX - special grooves make this a high-performing solution for Honda applicationsHT's unique groove pattern improves performance and durability after rebuildThose patterns look… well… groovy. But what do they do?Grooves in the friction material of a Raybestos Powertrain friction clutch plate act as miniature oil pumps, efficiently moving oil through the clutch to keep components cooler and well-lubricated. This translates into better performance and longer life after rebuild – all thanks to our precision-engineered groove patterns.Don’t just take our word for it.According to ATSG president Wayne Colonna in a recent article for Motor Age about Honda clutch burnout, the Raybestos GPX friction plate’s unique friction material and groove pattern can “provide cooler operating temperatures and endurance of this clutch pack which is especially suited to the demands placed on this particular assembly.”And, Colonna had more to say about the new Raybestos HT friction clutch plate – another Raybestos Powertrain product sporting an exclusive groove pattern:“The fluid flow dynamics with this new plate’s unique groove patterns and friction materials is expected to positively impact durability, performance and clutch drag reduction.”The next time you install a Raybestos Powertrain friction clutch plate, remember: those grooves are for much more than just good looks.

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