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The Difference Between White and Black Connector Solenoids

The Difference Between White and Black Connector Solenoids

Question: I have a 1996 Taurus. Every time I order the shift solenoids from my supplier I receive Raybestos Powertrain solenoids with a black connector. I am told by my supplier they will work in place of the white connector solenoid. Can you please explain why?Answer: The RES96953 Raybestos Powertrain solenoid provides spike protection regardless of whether or not the ECM has an internal diode, removing all doubt of having the correct solenoid. In 1993 Ford removed the protective diode from the solenoid and placed it in the ECM. They changed the color of the connector from Black to White.The diode is used to protect the solenoid driver in the ECM from voltage spikes. Voltage spikes are normally produced by the collapsing electromagnetic field within the solenoid coil when the solenoid is turned off by the ECM.Without the diode in either the solenoid or the ECM, voltage spikes can damage the solenoid driver preventing solenoid operation.The diode can be located in the solenoid, the ECM or both. The Raybestos Powertrain solenoid part number RES96953, with the diode, is a direct replacement for the 1991-UP Ford solenoid F1DZ-7G484-AA, as well as the late F3DZ-7G484-AB.

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