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Installation Guide

68RFE Overdrive Clutch ZPak Installation | RZP-008

68RFE Overdrive Clutch ZPak Installation | RZP-008

The RZP-008 68RFE Transmission Overdrive Z Pak® is a solution to 68RFE overdrive clutch failure and features 1 Steel Reaction Plate, 7 OD Spline GPZ friction plates, 7 ID Spline GPZ friction plates, 1 OD/UD Machined Steel Pressure Plate, and 1 OD/Rev Machined Steel Pressure Plate.

See product details here: https://www.raybestospowertrain.com/friction-clutch-packs/rzp-008

Installation Instructions:

1. After installing the 68RFE Underdrive Clutch assembly with the snap ring, install the Underdrive/Overdrive pressure plate with the step facing up and then install the snap ring.

2. Install thin steel plate.

3. Starting with an inside splined single sided friction plate, install friction side facing down.

4. Install an outside splined single sided friction plate, friction side facing down.

5. Continue alternating ID and OD splined plates until all 14 single sided friction plates are installed. Install the large waved snap ring (OE Snap ring).

6. Install the stepped pressure plate step side down.

7. Install the large flat snap ring (OE Snap ring) Install the reverse clutches as normal.

8. Check OD clutch clearance with a dial indicator and 20 psi of air pressure.

Note: Any other method may produce different results. Clearance should be .030 - .063. For Technical Assistance on the installation of this product, please call 1-800-729-7763.

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